Setting the Stage

Let’s sweep the stage clean and prepare properly this space.

It is meant to be firstly a purging and healing place.

Here I will rant and deliberate and swoon.

Here I will emerge from my cave and howl at the moon.

Here I will step out and dance in the rain.

Here I will recount the journey to the latest bloodstain.

Here I will bare the happy and the sad.

Here we hope to see the battle of good intentions with inclinations that are bad.

Here in this space I will pool all my tears

Categorize and itemize the things that I fear

Here on this stage I will perform till I collapse in a lake of sweat

A bow and humility to every applause and criticism that I get

(c) 2009 L. Ashwood

3 thoughts on “Setting the Stage

  1. very nice lovie. simple, nice flow. it feels like the opposite of ‘breaking the hymen’; confident, experienced, daring, aggressive even. Instead of the tender, patient, anxious moments, its more like a passionate impatience, nothing tender about, but no less ‘orgasmic’ (as you put it).

    1. Thank you very much Maud!!

      Come back anytime!! 🙂 If you really like what you see subscribe! You’ll get all the new content emailed directly to you hot of the press.

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