stuck on you

like a really hard exam question,
like a fly on a paper covered in glue
like used gum in wrapping paper
sweetie i’m stuck on u

irrational as it may seem
like pi and the square root of two
i cannot stop thinking of holding ure hand
no really im stuck on u

i really should move on
its just the sensible thing to do
but since when love mek sense?
(not saying i love u or nutten)
but babes i’m stuck on u

i melt like ice cream in hot sun in your presence
i stammer and stutter too
maybe its a silly crush
but it fadeth not
somehow im stuck on u

there are other fish in the sea
but not any fish will do
i need a special fish,
one of a kind just like u
hopefully there are more where you came from
maybe only one perhaps even two
but till then and such a time
honeybunch im stuck on u


(December 31, 2008)

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