In the constant
Ebb and flow

Of Life

It gets easier
To let things go

People too.

Like pools
In a waterfall
Life survives
In newness
As well as

It’s the way it is.

Give and Take.


Hope you’ll be restored
Pray you won’t need
Know your boundaries
Can stretch
Will stretch
Take stress
Release it
Keep only what you need
For today
Manna will come tomorrow
If tomorrow comes

Not promised to anyone
Not even for everyone

The tide is high
The tide is low
The tide is right


Be wary
Of the signs
Things vary
With the times

Where you’re planted

The world’s slanted

With controlled fear

Is not fear’s absence

Is not weakness’ opposite

Stand for something
But don’t be closed
Fall for some things
See where the rabbithole goes

Red pill
Into the looking glass
It may be for the better
Who knows
Some risks are worth it


Lessons from the world
Let life teach you
Let the transmissions stretching out
To meet you
Reach you

Bend lest you break
Get messy
Take chances
Make some mistakes
But, learn.

Miss Frizzle
Had the formula
Make the magic school bus real
Some things you need to be told
Others you can feel

Trust your instincts sometimes
Know the consequences
Are yours to bear
So be careful
But not too careful
Ruts can get deep
And the climb out
Can get steep
Attempt something scary
The rush alone will be worth it
Success too
But not as much as facing the fear

But above all
Let things go
The acid wears hard
On its own container
Poison cares not for intent

The boomerang theory
Can give you some peace
Cuz for real
What is fi yuh, cyaa un-fi yuh

The hardest thing to do
Is wait

(Aug 3, 2009)

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