letter to tofu

Dear Tofu,
I am sorry for being unfaithful to you.
It’s just that I have issues with commitment
And I never know how to treat you.
There are times that you’re really great to me
But some times you just really disappoint.
And I know often it’s not your fault
But really right now I’m not sure we should be joint
I must admit it was never love at first sight
But I did grow to really like you
Sometimes I get excited
And can’t wait just to bite you.
You encourage me to be healthy
And try to keep me strong
But meat and I were together forever
Our relationship was so long
It was easy to walk away
But meat keeps calling me back
And most times I’m strong
But sometimes I cut meat some slack
You know how meat can be
Especially with the right cologne on
And my friends don’t support the idea of me and you
Even though they know something’s going on
They encourage me to cheat
Every now and then
Invite meat for dinner
But not you even though we’re trying to be more than friends
I know it’s not fair and I should fight for US
But I hardly get around to putting up a fuss
I mean our relationship isn’t that strong
Tenuous at best
I know I really should give you a chance
Put you to the test
Invite you to dinner
Let you speak for yourself
But I’m afraid they won’t like you
And request something else
You know I don’t know
Maybe we should take a break
Explore our options before we get too serious
You know, let’s just wait
I mean not for long
Just a little while
You know just be friends
Till I get used to your style
Hope you don’t mind
I know your good for me
I just need a little time
Thanks for understanding,
Signed, Me

March 20, 2009

5 thoughts on “letter to tofu

  1. Thanks lady! Tofu and I have recently worked through a couple of our differences but it’s really not a perfect relationship. 😉 😀

    Keep reading! Thanks for commenting

    1. I add it to stirfrys now. Mix it with veggies with a sauce my friend suggested. Sauce = oyster sauce + soy sauce + sugar.

      It typically turns out really well.

      …not certain about corn syrup so much. But sounds interesting.

      Thanks for commenting! ^_^

  2. Well said sweetie. I can definitely relate to this…trying the healthy alternative. I too need to ask for a little time!!!!

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