Things I learnt in machine shop

Hard things are strong
Hard to cut
Hard to bend
But hard things break
Make a mistake
And it will shatter
Leaving shrapnel splatter
Go slow as you shape
Take only little pieces away at a time
Take care to lubricate
As you get down on the grind
Go too fast the pieces will fly
At very fatal speeds
Rip through your body
Before you even start to bleed
Heat your metal
And when you cool it slow
it will bend easily to your will
Whichever way you want it to go
But heat your metal
And cool it fast
It will get hard and strong
But can break like glass
Be careful with your material
Temper it well
Pay attention to its sounds
Be aware of the smells

All these things I learnt
Working in the shop
Working with machine,
Chopping metal blocks
But you could learn that too
If you really wanted
Humans and metals are similar
I thought you should know.

April 28, 2009

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