Proceeding slowly
To defuse this minefield
Of pain
And hurt

Swallowing the blasts whole
To save some unwitting
Some innocent

Paying close attention
To the things I control
My actions
My reactions
My words

Making sure not to cut
Not to slash
Not to lash out

Being mindful
That I still care
And to rip you
Would tear me

But it still hurts
The pain is still fresh
The ache is still deep

…So I lay these minefields again
Against the next onslaught
So it can be you now
Who tiptoes on eggshells
Who treads softly
And lightly
Wondering and hoping
You did nothing wrong

I raise these fences
My heart
From you
While imprisoning
My soul

…I hate what hate does

Again I proceed slowly
To defuse this minefield
Taking tiny steps
While building this gate
Going crazy from this battle posturing

All is not fair
In this war.

and disarmament
A psychotic ebb and flow
Of emotion
Irrational in every way.

Hurt only begets more hurt
Unless someone breaks the cycle.

There’s always going to be pain.

I must do my part
To minimize the damage.

(c) 2009 L. Ashwood

One thought on “Mindfield

  1. the words… the emotions… i can feel the pain
    the slashes… the rips… the tears… the pain… the aches…
    i feel it all
    it embodies so many emotions
    so to answer your question it most definitely fits….

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