One Last Time


Like tears

Like sweat


Like Chocolate

Like the scent of freshly washed hair

And bathed bodies


Like the last sip of red wine

Like the balsamic vinaigrette

Smoothly caressing pears

Or avocados, if you please


Like palms and fingertips

Like skin rubbed with essential oils


Like a sip of cold nectar

Like the 2nd to last move in Jenga

Before the disaster and uncontrollable laughter

From a little too much red


Like brown eyes searching for new beginnings

Like jazz music pulling heart strings


Like words unsaid

Like meanings half heard

Like touch

Like smell

Like taste

Like sight

Like 1 4 3

There’s not enough time

Not enough words

Though time and words are all we need

And all we have

Stumbling in the dark

One last time

Praying that much harder

That the sun doesn’t come out

Because tomorrow isn’t wanted

Just so many yesterdays

And deep dark night

SaltySweetSourSoftSmoothSultrySpeechless Night.

And sometimes

Even that ‘snot enough.

© July 24, 2009 L. Ashwood

3 thoughts on “One Last Time

  1. It really aroused me particularly when you talked about caressing the pears.Hope I would be given a chance by some one having nice pears.

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