at odds

odds are

you and me

would never be we

and i’m at odds

with wanting it


i sit and deliberate

and wonder

and ponder

this odd feeling

i get

when you smile

at me

and it’s odd

that i find i really like

your company

and the simple way you

come.for(t) me

and just how you

vibe with me

and oddly enough

i know what i don’t want

except when i’m wanting you

and i’m at odds

trying to change that now

(c) 2010 L. Ashwood

10 thoughts on “at odds

  1. Keep them coming Lori, I’m loving it. Somehow you have been putting my exact feelings into words…healing words.

  2. one of these days I need to pick your brain again about where you get the inspiration for your pieces. good stuff dude.

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