Floating on the surface

Afraid to penetrate

That outer layer

And get deep down

in the the nitty gritty of it all

Skimming delicately over the skin of things

Being careful not to leave a mark

A dent

Or bruise

Evading reality

So you never have to choose

So you’ll never have to lose

Even though it means you’ll never win

You probably wouldn’t have been good anyway


Trying to excuse your lack of excuse

for not trying

You ball up

and cry down the state of everything

Hoping to redirect the attention and tension

off of you

And what you could do

but didn’t

Because in superficiality reality

You virtually never

have to think of those things

Because they’re real

And in your world,

Real is only an illusion

And you’re too busy faking it

to make it

(c) 2010 L. Ashwood

4 thoughts on “Floating

  1. I like the imagery here, and the play with the words in the line “Because in superficiality reality, You virtually never”. very cool sis, very cool

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