From Scratch

Scratch the last,
Crumple that paper,
That past participle
Part of history
Was then,

This is now,

And I’m starting from scratch.

Like an abrasion on skin
From some brush with the past
Leaving bleeding
An irritation to be soothed.

Like a new creation
On paper
On canvas
A fresh start
A new beginning
Full of potential
And new energy.

Like a meal
That involved no can
Or bottle
With ingredients fresh from the garden
Picked ripe
And ready
To release natural juices
With that touch of love
Only found at home.

From scratch.

Like the kitchen after.

Like a piece of art.

And healing,
Like a bruised knee.


we start over

Starting from scratch.

© 9-2010 L. Ashwood

2 thoughts on “From Scratch

  1. “Messy,
    Like the kitchen after.”

    – and well worth the mess – like most things are that are made from scratch.

    Love this one. Actually, a great New Year’s poem, I think… but, why wait til then… ?

  2. This really resonated with me…I think we all feel like we are starting from scratch at some point or another and the work and the chaos and the beauty in it all at once. Thanks…

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