Self Censored

Shut your mouth!

Don’t you dare speak!

Don’t you dare/ utter a peep.

You might hurt someone,

With those powerful words

Speaking the truth

According to you

Speaking your mind

Representing yourself

Come/ on

And shut all up

And censor yourself.

Censure your thoughts
Those unique sparks of lightning
Those grandiose expressions
Of individual

Of special

Of set apart.

Cage that natural power
See how long the tiger
Will let you
Play with its prowess
And mock its strength

See how long
The beast
Wild and active
By nature,
Will allow you
To will it dormant
Tame it into stupor
With one hand
While the other hand,
Bangs at its cage
Requesting it break free

See how long you can contradict yourself
Before you can’t stand it
See how far you can subvert your destiny
Before your soul demands it

Pressure held in a bottle
Can only be contained for so long
Seeming calm on the verge of explosion
Is not always a sign that you’re strong.

(c) July 2011 L. Ashwood

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