The Invisible

Some days I would rather the invisible

The unseen

The background


Foundational type


The type that blends

Even as it gets harder to pretend

Harder to hide your wings

Like Archangel

Harder to control your power

Like the Jean Gray

Harder to blend

Mutant among them

But easier for them

To pretend

They can’t see the difference.

Because somehow

Making it easier for them

Made sense

Once upon a time

Like fairy tales

Where invisible cloaks

Were indeed possible.

(c) 12-5-2011 L. Ashwood

6 thoughts on “The Invisible

  1. I absolutely love your poetry! I’ve missed your sweet spirit…your wonderful friendship. This is a very lovely reminder of it all. 🙂 Keep on shining, my dear Lori.

  2. fabulous piece…smiles.
    Hope that you have had a great Merry Christmas.
    Happy New Year.
    Share a piece of your poetry today at our poetry party today, 1 to 3 random poems are welcome in general, old ones are okay.
    hope to see you in.
    Have fun!
    Sending you love and blessings.

    hope all is well, being part of a poetry community is cool.

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