Came. Saw…

And then they made you believe
that your cultural knowledge
was ignorance
That your powers of healing
Your words
Your ways
were inherently wrong–

And told you they were all right
And that it was alright
To sell your brother
Because his ignorance must be punished:
Exchanging looking glasses
for your treasures,
So you could see yourself
But not see your self
as Beautiful
And Valuable;
A significant moment in history
To be celebrated
And appreciated;
With knowledge
and views of the world
to be shared.
Rather you give up your spear
No fighting essence of you
Can be spared;
Will be tolerated.
Any vision of your glory
Must be decisively deliberately
In the name of “peace”
That they may rest peacefully
And lose no sleep
Because their culture will not die today
Because it’s been too busy
Helping you maim and kill yours.

© 06-2011 L. Ashwood

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