No turkey there

No chimneys or chestnuts
No turkeys or pumpkin pie
No Santas
No sleigh bells
No snow.

None has much reference
Or regards much reverence in the memories
Of Christmas I know.

I know pantomime and cantatas
Peppa lights and clappaz
Stories of jonkanoo
And Chrismus maakit

I know
Ackee and saltfish
in matrimony
Wid johnny cakes
Fo breakfast
Washed down wit scalding real liquid hot chaaklit

I know
Rum infused sorrel
Steeped all day
And spiced.

I know
Curry goat gravy
In sweet harmony
Wid gungo peas and rice

I know
Black fruit cake
In Wray and his Nephew
I know the sound of sessions going all night

I know
The sweet Christmas breeze
O’er Caribbean seas
To help spend the Christmastime just right.

© 12-14-2011 L. Ashwood

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