Follow the Leader

Her poised prowess commanded a line

To the order of a small mob


The perfect brush to paint a picture

of sexy

In colours of salsa and bachata,

Was worth the wait;

Open and willing

Subject to their wills–

They bowed

To her strength to follow

To be used

to make a thing of beauty

Flowing and fluid

Between their fingers

Passing through their arms:

To be held

But not kept

Like clear fresh water

Of a deep winding stream

A mezcla of straight lines

And curves


Center of attention

She elicited tension

With each dip and distention

And as they whipped their wrists

To make her spin and twirl

It was they who became wrapped

Round her finger

Caught in her spell

Entranced by her entrance

They follow her

For the perfect partner to lead

© L. Ashwood 10-21-2012


–The Vulnerability of Sexy

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