No words

There are words for this feeling

Where the edge of letters

and the gaps between spaces get stuck

In a windpipe

Clearly too small

For the size

Of this emotion

That make eyes stare and avert

Avert and stare

At things adjacent

maybe touching

There are phrases of explication

And explanation

And equivocation

But the truth of it is

I like it yet unsaid

So I won’t say it

But you see it

And I hope you feel it

Just the way I mean it

Even without those words

Getting in the way.

Β© 12-23-2012 L. Ashwood

10 thoughts on “No words

  1. Wow.
    Lori….wow. Just wow.
    Keep writing. I didn’t know that you wrote poetry until you sent this link to me today.
    ….just wow…

  2. It takes a profound and brilliant mind to explain so many possible feelings with such few words! I hope I am right to think that your words can touch different persons in different circumstances with the same feelings!

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