Grab your chest
It’s there
That feeling you want to feel
Carry it with you
Just below the surface
Of water wanting to find light
Of a mind dodging the dark
Of skin itching to feel other things
Scratching and clawing at a throat
Trying to find air
To handle the things sitting
And standing
On chest
And full; Continue reading “Chest.full”

Take: Granted

Take them for granted–
Till they grant your wish to be left alone;
And in that wilderness,
As you long for the water
In their cask,
You will learn that caskets are best filled
With the tears of those you’ve touched
Beyond skin
And ease,
Of those whose reach
Made you stretch


it’s ure day today papi And i miss u I’m thinking of u as she must be thinking of u Not hurting as much But still hurting. 3 years it’s still a little hard Still so fresh 3 years and i wish i had them back I miss u papi Not as many tears But […]

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